A Course in Self-Absorption

rock on

I’m not always this cool.

Want to know a little about me? Of course you don’t. You might not even know me. That’s okay. I don’t particularly want to know about you either; however, I control this specific blog, so here I go.
I am awesome. Sometimes. A lot of times.
I’m bipolar, I’m pretty sure. I’m not diagnosed, but I often wonder…
I have a husband. At least, I have a vague memory of being in front of a lot of well-dressed people with a nice dress and a man with a beard in front of me saying “I do”. Now, I’m not sure exactly why he married me– for that you’ll have to get HIM to make a blog– but I know my decision must have had something to do with the beard.

hunka burnin love

Husband. (Not Hulk Hogan. He’s my side piece)

beard man

The beard.

I also have a mini-me. He’s adorable, naturally. We love each other fiercely. Do not be confused by my sharp wit and sarcastic humor. I am an intense “mama bear” and will hunt anyone down who ever hurts my cub. I’m told that’s normal for mothers. Not that I’m that good at it. I got pregnant when I was 17, so I had to learn fast. It’s been a fun adventure though!

cute as frick

He’s too much. Stop.

Hope you like my ponderings about the world. Personally, I find blogs insanely conceited. Which is exactly why I have one myself. We all have flaws.